Going straight to the source: Introducing Premium Hemp Flower

The newest addition to Canna River feels like breaking the rules. It also delivers the natural entourage effect you’re looking for faster than any other consumption method. We are talking about flower, of course. 

Our premium loose hemp strains and pre-rolls are for those who prefer flower to oil. It doesn’t get more raw than this. Naturally rich in terpenes and cannabinoids, our hemp delivers Full Spectrum CBD with 0.3% THC or less. It is Farm Bill Compliant, grown in the USA using organic soil, and lab tested for quality assurance. 

Why Flower?

Most consumers of hemp’s rebellious sibling, marijuana, still prefer to smoke it over other methods. It was only fitting that we expand our collection to give people the option to consume hemp in a way that is familiar and enjoyable for them. If someone wants to enjoy the benefits of this wondrous plant without the THC, our loose flower and pre-rolls are quality options. 


Our $25 seven gram containers of loose hemp currently come in four strains: Special Sauce, Suver Haze, Sweet Wife, and CBDawg. Each strain contains its own unique entourage effect, flavor, aroma and experience. They contain between 15% and 17% CBD. Loose flower is commonly smoked in pipes and other implements.  Savvy DIYers may even use them to make their own consumable and topical concoctions. 


Each pre-roll contains one gram of perfectly rolled flower in sustainable packaging for open-and-go ease. No paper rolling skills or equipment necessary. Can’t decide which strain you want? Don’t stress. Convenience is key in our pre-rolls. They feature an organic virgin hemp blend that’s as smooth as it feels. The best part: They’re just $10 for two. The perfect add-on item to any order.


Interested in trying Canna River flower? All items are available now. Browse our full flower collection.



Advisory: This product is intended for adults 21 and over. It looks and smells like marijuana. Treat raw hemp flowers like cannabis. Please observe your local laws while consuming it. Canna River is not responsible for anyone confiscating this product, arresting, or fining our customers because of an unfortunate misunderstanding. Please use your discretion and keep the original packaging as added support that it is legal hemp. Full Disclaimer.