20,000 Reasons to Love Our Ultra Tinctures

20,000 Reasons to Love Our Ultra Tinctures

Not literally, of course! That would be a long blog. We recently launched a line of ultra high potency tinctures! Our Ultra tinctures have the same high quality ingredients as our original tinctures but come in ultra strengths. In fact, every 120 ml bottle has a whopping 20,000mg of premium cannabinoids! Here is why you should love them as much as we do. 

1) That is a lot of hemp-derived cannabinoids.

Since launching in 2019, we have never carried a standard potency tincture. All of our CBD tinctures have been well above the average CBD tincture strength. That said, these take the cake in the potency department. Not only do they contain 20,000mg of premium hemp-derived cannabinoids, they come in all the variants you find in the original collection.

Here is the breakdown. 

Ultra Classic - This tincture contains 20,000mg of Broad Spectrum CBD. Simple yet powerful. 

Ultra Calm - This 6:1:1 tincture has 15,000mg CBD, 2,500mg CBN, and 2,500mg CBG. 

Ultra Wellness - This 3:1 tincture contains 15,000mg CBD and 5,000mg CBG.

Ultra Sleep - This 3:1 tincture has 15,000mg CBD and 5,000mg CBN.

2) They’re only $100 a bottle. (Yeah, we can’t believe it either!)

Affordability and accessibility have always been important to us. Despite being made with high quality ingredients and 20,000 mg of cannabinoids, each 120 ml bottle only costs $100. They’re the most expensive item we carry, but they still cost less than many quality tinctures on the market that have a small fraction of their potency. 

3) They come in great flavors.

All Canna River Ultra tinctures come in our delicious Lemon Raspberry, Sweet Mint and Mango Peach flavors. Because we fully believe that taste matters. Getting the hemp support you need shouldn’t be a chore. 

Ready to try them for yourself? Browse our Ultra line here.