4 Easy Ways to Add CBD Tinctures to Your Routine

4 Easy Ways to Add CBD Tinctures to Your Routine

Our tinctures taste great, but some people just aren’t fans of taking oils by mouth. While taking them sublingually will help you absorb the most CBD, you can still use our tinctures in other ways! Here are three easy ways to add CBD tinctures to your routine without taking them by mouth. 

1) Amp up your morning cup of coffee. 

MCT Oil CoffeeBlending MCT Oil in coffee has been popular for a while now. It tastes a lot like a dairy-free latte. While a few drops or a full dropper isn't enough MCT Oil to make a traditional high fat coffee, it still blends in nicely. For the most enjoyable experience, we recommend using our Natural or Peppermint Flavored CBD Tinctures. 

2)  Put your dose in a smoothie or protein shake. 

SmoothiesOur fruit flavored CBD tinctures aren’t just delicious; they are lightly sweetened with sucralose. That hint of sweetness goes perfectly in fruit smoothies, while the flavors themselves punch up the palate-pleasing fruity notes. For the most enjoyable experience, we recommend using our Tropical Fruit, Fruit Medley, Apple Mint, Strawberry Harvest, Lemon Raspberry or Natural CBD Tinctures in smoothies. 

3)  Add it to your food. 

FoodWhile we don’t recommend actively cooking or boiling our CBD tinctures as it may lower the potency and break down the cannabinoids (and we want you to maximize your investment and know how much you’re ingesting), but you can easily add it to foods just before serving. You can stir a dropper of one of our fruit flavored tinctures into a bowl of oatmeal instead of adding brown sugar, for instance. You can also stir a dropper of one of our unflavored CBD tinctures into one of your sides at lunch or dinner. Honestly, the only limits are your imagination. 

4) Boost up your juice. 

JuiceMove over wheat grass. This booster is on another level. If you make juices at home, you can easily blend your dose into your glass. If you buy your juice cold pressed by the bottle, even better! Just take a gulp of your juice and then add your dose to the bottle. Screw on the lid, shake it, and continue to enjoy your juice. For green juices, we recommend using our Mandarin, Apple Mint, Lemon Raspberry, Watermelon, or Natural tinctures. For fruit juices, any tincture in our collection will go well. It’s just a matter of taste. 

The best part of all these suggestions is you never actually have to mix them. You can also take as directed, sublingually, and simply chase your tincture with your smoothie, coffee, juice or food. We get it. Oil tinctures aren’t for everyone, and even the most flavorful ones can be an acquired taste. Still not convinced? Consider taking CBD capsules instead. They take taste completely out of the equation and go from bottle to stomach!


Note: The information in this article is for educational purposes only. We are not making dietary recommendations, nor have these statements been evaluated by the FDA. Consume CBD at your own discretion. Our products are not intended to treat or cure any disease. Do not take if pregnant or nursing. Keep out of reach from children and pets.