How To Make CBD-Infused Cold Brew Coffee

How To Make CBD-Infused Cold Brew Coffee

Nowadays, you can buy a CBD-infused version of practically anything—like CBD-infused coffee. All the delicious coffee flavor without the annoying coffee jitters? Sign us up! But if there’s one thing that’s true about both coffee and CBD-infused products, it’s that they can get pricey. So, if you already have a CBD tincture lying around, why not make your own? Here’s how to make CBD-infused cold brew coffee.


Two lidded containers to store coffee (Mason jar or pitcher with lid)

Fine mesh strainer

Cheesecloth or coffee filter


One cup ground coffee

Two cups of water

One Cannariver broad or full spectrum tincture of your choice

A Note on Proportions

Keep in mind that you can adjust the amount of coffee and water to how much cold brew you ultimately want to end up with. You can always double to two cups of coffee and four cups of water if you want to make a bigger batch. Or, if you find that you don’t like your coffee’s strength, feel free to add a little more water for a weaker cup or a little more coffee for a stronger cup.

Directions for the Cold brew

  1. Measure out coffee into a pitcher or mason jar. If you are grinding your own beans, ground them more coarsely than you do for a typical cup of coffee. Add your coffee grounds to the pitcher and pour the water on top of it. Optional: stir the coffee to get all the beans wet.
  2. Put a lid on the coffee and put it in the fridge for 12-24 hours. The longer the coffee sits, the stronger the coffee will be.
  3. After the coffee has steeped, place mesh strainer and cheesecloth over the opening of the other container. (A coffee filter will work; it will just take longer). Pour the coffee over the cheesecloth into the container in batches, allowing all the liquid to strain through each time. Do not touch the grounds while they’re straining.
  4. When it’s time to serve, put ice into glasses. Pour the coffee over the ice and enjoy.
  5. Store in refrigerator for up to two weeks.

Adding CBD

Here’s where making CBD-infused cold brew coffee differs from making regular cold brew—adding the CBD. There are two options for when in the process to do this. Some choose to add the CBD to the water before steeping the coffee in it. Others make the cold brew as normal and then simply add their preferred dosage to the cup itself.

There are benefits to both methods. The first option makes the CBD part of the steeping process, allowing it to become more fully incorporated into the entire drink. But adding it directly to the glass itself allows a greater amount of control over the dosage of each drink. You can always experiment with both methods to find the one that works for you.