Mother's Day Gift Guide

Mother's Day Gift Guide

Mother’s Day is right around the corner, but don’t stress. Take some CBD and chill, because Canna River has options for the mommas in your life. Whether a partner, friend or your actual mom, here are some tips for making the most of your unique present. 


She may be old fashioned or living life large. Only you know how she rolls. Although it’s old hat for many of us, hemp may still raise eyebrows for some folks. We recommended only taking this route if you know the mom in question is open to trying new things, has been wanting to try CBD but hasn’t taken the plunge, or already uses hemp products.


So the mom you are gifting has never tried it but she is open to new things. Maybe she hasn’t even heard of it!  Either way, we recommend including an explanatory component with your gift. It doesn’t have to be a pamphlet. It could just be a blurb in your card. It sounds a bit strange, but she’ll be happy to know what she just got and it'll demystify the product itself. 

Is what you got her meant to help her sleep? Ease pain? Help her mellow out? Pamper her skin? Whatever the item and purpose, be sure to tell her in your card or verbally why it’s special and what she can expect. For instance, Canna River products are ultra premium and lab tested so she can be comfy with what she’s consuming or putting on her skin. 

They’re also 100% Farm Bill Compliant. (Since that may not mean much to someone new to CBD, feel free to simply say they’re legal hemp products.) Also, be sure to tell her all about the wonders of CBD, if she doesn’t know already!


If the mom in your life has been wanting to try CBD but hasn’t taken the plunge, she’s probably heard about the positive benefits and wants to see if it’ll work for her. That means less explaining for you! The trick is figuring out what to get. We have some ideas. 

Our Broad Spectrum Natural tincture is an excellent classic. It is easy to take on its own or blend in a morning smoothie. Not a smoothie person? Our flavored ones are a joy to take. Start at our lowest strength (1000 mg)  if she’s never had CBD before. Not only is it a great bet, it’s only $35! 

All moms, new to hemp or not, could benefit from a little extra energy. Another great call is our Broad Spectrum Energy gummies for a tasty pick-me-up. For skin support, our Body Lotion is an ultra-hydrating formula made with high potency Broad Spectrum CBD. It is a lush experience she’ll love.  


If this momma already enjoys hemp on the regular, you may want to try upping the ante, so to speak. Grab her one of our 5,000 mg Full Spectrum tinctures or even one of our many powerful alternative cannabinoid products if she’d like some recreational effects with her hemp support. She doesn’t have to vape either! We have Delta 8 gummies and tinctures. 

Of course, whether a hemp connoisseur or new to it, anybody could benefit from spot treating sore muscles, tension, aches and pains. Don’t sleep on our Cooling and Warming Balms. Made with natural extracts and 2500 mg of CBD, they’re like at-home therapeutic spa treatments. (Then again, no matter what you end up getting, we're sure she'll love it. After all, it was a thoughtful gift from you!)