Reasons You May Want to Give Your Dog CBD

Reasons You May Want to Give Your Dog CBD

Most people who own dogs would do just about anything for them, whether that’s taking them on a late-night walk or dropping a decent amount on treats, toys, and vet bills. But when they’re thinking of ways to improve their dogs’ quality of life, many people don’t realize that CBD could potentially offer several benefits to their four-legged friends. If you love your dog, here are a few reasons why you may want to give your dog CBD.


This may be a familiar scene to you: you get home from work only to find that your dog, fretful that you had abandoned him forever and ever, has torn apart the throw pillows and every roll of toilet paper in the house. Or maybe the local carnival is putting on their yearly firework’s display, and your dog is either cowering under the table, barking at every explosion, or making some questionable life choices on your bedroom floor. Just like us, dogs can suffer from anxiety brought on by any number of scenarios, whether from separation anxiety, a stressful situation, or PTSD. And just like us, CBD oil could potentially offer relief. Your dog (and your carpet) will thank you.

Old Age

True dog lovers love their animals when they’re older just as much as they did when they were puppies. But life becomes a little harder for dogs as they get older. There are achy joints and painful arthritis. This affects mobility for older dogs, making it difficult to even cross the room to receive a treat. CBD oil can potentially help with inflammation, arthritis, and other conditions that may affect your dog’s mobility.

Seizures and Other Illnesses

Few things are more heartbreaking than seeing our dogs sick, whether from a serious illness such as epilepsy or cancer or from the occasional tummy ache. Fortunately, CBD can target many of the symptoms associated with illness. Although research is still ongoing, many people have chosen to use CBD to manage their dogs’ seizures or to treat cancerous tumors. CBD may also help alleviate nausea in dogs (again, our carpet gives thanks).

Whatever the reasons why you may want to give your dog CBD, administering CBD to your dog is simple. You can apply a few drops from a CBD pet tincture directly to your dog’s tongue, or—if they’re fussy eaters—you can mix it with some coconut oil or peanut butter or put it directly into their food. We can’t give the world for our dogs, but helping them through some tough patches isn’t a bad second choice.