The Best Foods To Pair with CBD Oil

The Best Foods To Pair with CBD Oil

So we’ve talked about beverages to which you can add CBD oil, but what about when you need something a little more substantial in your stomach? Fortunately, CBD oil doesn’t just blend into your smoothie or coffee. You can use CBD oil to enhance every stage of your meal in a plethora of ways. Allow us to show you our menu of the best foods to pair with CBD oil.



CBD oil pairs best with foods that contain medium fatty chains because the structure of these saturated and unsaturated fats allow for the best absorption rate. In English, that means when you pair CBD with food, you’ll want foods with fats and oils. And do you know what has “good” fat? Avocados. That means you can make chip’s favorite dip even better! Simply mix the CBD oil thoroughly into the guac, and enjoy!


Since CBD loves oil, incorporating CBD into oil-based salad dressings is super-easy. It’s also possible to make a CBD-infused ranch dressing, especially if you make it dairy-free. That’s because dairy-free ranch usually uses almonds, another source of good fat.

And for the Main Course…

Meats and Fish

Meats and fish, of course, typically have plenty of oils and fats, which is perfect for CBD. Fish is especially good because its Omega-3s may complement CBD. The one caveat about adding CBD oil to your entrée is that if you sauté or fry CBD oil, it may lose its potency. However, if you incorporate it into your meats by adding a sauce or CBD butter after the meat is done cooking, you’ll keep all the cannabinoids and terpenes from the full-spectrum tincture.


Speaking of sauces, one of the best places to put sauce is on top of a bed of delicious pasta. There are several ways to mix CBD into pasta, but one of the more popular choices is pesto. Pesto is already delicious on its own, but its herby taste pairs especially well with CBD’s flavors. Plus, since pesto doesn’t require a lot of heat, you can be sure your CBD will retain max potency.

Dessert, Anyone?

Baked Goods

If you can bake it, chances are you can bake CBD into it, whether it’s cookies, brownies, bars, or squares. CBD usually goes right into the dough or batter, often when you’re mixing your wet ingredients. If you’re baking at 350 degrees or lower, the potency of the oil should remain unaffected. If you’re baking at higher temperatures, you can still incorporate CBD into the frosting or glaze.

Whether you’re just starting your meal or putting the cherry on top of your evening, CBD is there to kick any meal up a notch. Which is good, the best foods to pair with CBD oil are really any foods you love eating. Bon appétit!