Four Reasons MCT Oil is a Great CBD Carrier

Four Reasons MCT Oil is a Great CBD Carrier

At Canna River, we craft our premium CBD tinctures with USDA organic MCT oil. You probably aren’t new to MCT at this point. Once obscure, it has become a celebrity oil of sorts—featured in various diets and wellness plans—including Keto and Bulletproof Coffee. While we are fans of so many nutrient-dense oils, including olive and grape seed, we chose MCT oil for our tinctures for a reason. Read on to learn more about the benefits of using this as a carrier for ingestible CBD products. 


1. It is odorless and flavorless.  

Considering people are taking CBD tinctures for their cannabinoid content and not for the carrier, we’d argue this benefit is just as important as potential nutritional benefits. As an odorless and flavorless oil, MCT is the perfect carrier to showcase our proprietary flavor recipes and make tinctures that are enjoyable to take. 


2. It mixes well with other liquids and solids. 

While odorless and flavorless, we recognize that taking oil by mouth is still difficult for some—even with our delicious flavors as backup! We love MCT oil, because it mixes well with just about anything. You can sneak it into your smoothie, coffee, salad dressing, and more with little effort. You’ll barely notice it’s there, if at all. That kind of flexibility is a huge benefit.  

3. Our bodies absorb it quickly. 

MCT stands for medium-chain triglycerides. Triglycerides are just a fancy way of saying “fats.” Healthy fats are an essential part of the human diet. Our bodies get fuel from fat, and most oils and foods feature long-chain fats. That isn’t a bad thing. It just means that our bodies take longer to process them. Because of their shorter length, MCTs are converted into fuel quicker, making it less likely they’ll be stored as body fat. Some studies even suggest that it can help with weight loss efforts.  


4. It is a source of natural energy. 

When triglycerides enter the body, they have two options: convert into energy or get stored as body fat. MCTs are metabolized differently. They go straight to the liver, which in turn increases how quickly they are converted into energy. While a dropper is a modest amount, we love the thought that people are getting their CBD with a side of fuel. We could all use the extra energy these days.


Final Thoughts 

Much like CBD, MCT has been hailed in the wellness space. So it’s no surprise they make such a celebrity power couple. (There must be something about those three letter acronyms that gets people amped!) Studies examining its potential hidden benefits are ongoing. This is a good thing, of course. If something can help us feel our best, we want to know about it. So whether you’re looking for more energy or simply want to take your CBD without wincing, we think you’re going to love the organic oil carrier in our full spectrum and broad spectrum CBD tinctures.