Gift Card


'Tis always the season to give great gifts to those you love. Whether it's a birthday, gathering, or popular holiday, Canna River's got your back. Being easy to use, our virtual gift card comes in the form of an email with a code. Just copy and paste the code into your cart before checkout and you're done!

This gift card also integrates simply with Apple Wallets for easy storage. If you don't use your entire gift card in one purchase, the remainder will be waiting for you on your device for when you visit our store again.

Our gift cards never expire.

How to use your Gift Card:


Once you checkout, you will be sent an email containing the details of your gift card including its code.


Once you have received the gift card confirmation: simply send this code, forward the email, or print the gift card details to the person you plan on gifting it to. Forwarding the email may be best, as the gift cards can be stored in Apple Wallet for easy future use.


Just enter the gift card code into the checkout and that's it!