Canna River Co-Founder Featured in Winter 2019 Issue of Green Entrepreneur

We are pleased to share this spotlight on our very own Grant Boatman from the Winter 2019 issue of Green Entrepreneur. “This Entrepreneur Is Making CBD Affordable From Source to Sale” gives insight into Grant’s business model and background, our collective mission for Canna River, and the multi-pronged force of nature behind the River family of companies he spearheads.

You may be wondering why Canna River prices are so low. We get that a lot. Moving into the CBD space has been a long time coming for Grant, and he wants to ensure that people aren’t priced out of high quality products. For him, accessibility is essential. As he says in the Spotlight: “People keep asking why it’s so cheap. They can’t believe it’s lab tested CBD from USA-grown hemp. That’s how inflated the market is.”

Pick up a copy of the Winter 2019 issue at a store near you to read more or download a PDF of the feature below.

Green Entrepreneur Spotlight