Join Our Loyalty Program For Exclusive Discounts

Join Our Loyalty Program For Exclusive Discounts

Canna River has never shied away from low prices. Our CBD and other hemp products are some of the most affordable goods of their quality and potency on the market. No matter which cannabinoid you shop with us for, you can count on them to be premium with a reasonable price tag. In fact, we are so dedicated to giving you the best deal possible, we have launched a Loyalty Points Program to give our most dedicated customers even more ways to save! 

How It Works

It is super simple. Sign up. Once you do, you will automatically get 50 points just for joining. Once you're a member, you will earn one point for every dollar spent. Just make sure you’re logged in with the proper account whenever you shop at Canna River!  

You also get bonus points for contributing to our community, like 50 for referring a friend and 50 for writing a review. And you get a 100 point bonus every year on your birthday and loyalty program anniversary! 

Redeeming Points 

Once you've accrued enough points and wish to cash them in, you can do so by going here. Just copy the code and use at checkout. You can earn your first discount at 100 points ($10) or let your points accrue for longer and get $20 off with 200 points or $30 off with 300. 

Save & Earn

The best part is the point system works with your customer account, so you earn points even when we have sales. Remember, loyalty points are earned per dollar. So if you bought a tincture, for example, for $30 instead of $35, you will earn only 30 points instead of the normal 35. 

The amount you can save on CBD, Delta-8, and other hemp goods with this program is truly limitless. So if you love our tinctures, gummies, topicals, capsules, carts, pens, and/or hemp flower, why not sign up? It takes a minute and an email. Happy point earning!


Canna River products are intended for adults 21 and over. Please note you must be 21 or over to join the loyalty program.