Keeping Canna River Tasty: Flavoring vs Terpenes

Keeping Canna River Tasty: Flavoring vs Terpenes

Canna River has many delicious hemp goods in our catalog with a range of noteworthy flavor profiles. As such, we get a lot of questions about how we make them taste so good, especially when it comes to our tinctures and vape products: What’s the difference between flavoring and terpenes? Are your vape products flavored? You have questions. We have answers! Here is the deal with all-things taste. (Short on time? Scroll down to the summary for a quick Q&A.)


Natural flavorings are derived from natural sources like spices, plants and fruits. Because of that, they contain terpenes. However, natural flavors are made up of broader extracts that contain a range of other natural ingredients, too, like oils.

Terpenes, on the other hand, are isolated aroma compounds from natural sources. Our olfactory (sense of smell) and taste receptors are dependent on each other, which is why you can barely taste something when your nose is plugged! In short, terpenes are technically not flavoring. They are aromatics. But they help create essences that we can taste and are crucial components of natural flavors.

Thus natural flavors can refer to terpenes but the term terpenes cannot refer to natural flavoring. Think of it this way: Terpenes are like the thumb. You can call your thumb a finger but you can’t call your fingers thumbs. 


Canna River’s Sweet Mint and Mango Peach flavored tinctures are crafted with food grade natural flavoring. That is, they contain a range of natural extracts that create their flavor profiles. This includes terpenes, but is not limited to them. (As a reminder: Never inhale tinctures. They are intended for ingestion only!)

In contrast, all Canna River vape pens and carts, are flavoring-free. (Yes, even the most flavorful ones! They just contain terpenes.) Our pens and cartridges are concentrates that only contain extracts you can find in hemp. Our hemp pens and cartridges do not  contain flavoring, diluents, or any other ingredients. They are made with distillate and terpenes. That’s it! We only call them vape because they let off a vapor, not smoke.


Are natural flavors and terpenes the same thing? 

No. Terpenes are aromatic compounds found in natural flavors but all the compounds found in natural flavors are not found in terpenes. Terpenes only contain terpenes.

Do your tinctures have flavoring or terpenes?  

Our flavored tinctures contain both flavoring and terpenes. 

Do your Delta 8 and HHC vape pens and cartridges contain flavoring?

No. All Canna River hemp pens and cartridge profiles are crafted with terpenes—just like the hemp strains they’re named after. (Yes, even the really flavorful ones!)

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