Why Are CBD Products So Expensive?

Why Are CBD Products So Expensive?

When people try CBD products for the first time (or, frankly, for the twentieth time), one of the biggest surprises is just how expensive quality CBD oil can be. With prices towering anywhere from fifty upward to two or three hundred dollars, it can be easy to look at tiny tinctures and ask yourself, “Why are CBD products so expensive?” Here we seek to give you an answer to that question.

The Process

The process of creating CBD products is more involved than many people would think. Oil is extracted from hemp using CO2 or alcohol, but extracting CBD oil from hemp isn’t the same as, say, squeezing juice out of a grape. The THC compound and chlorophyll has to be isolated and removed. Good CBD products are also tested at every step in a laboratory setting to ensure potency and purity. This requires some higher-level technology and expertise.

Acquiring Hemp

Before 2018, growing hemp was illegal in much of the U.S., and restrictions on how one could import it made acquiring it more expensive. More relaxed restrictions are relieving some of that pressure, but different state laws still make getting CBD challenging for many people in the industry. All of this can drive up the price of products.

Misleading Labels

A sad truth is that some companies price their products in a way that’s misleading. For instance, the packaging of some CBD products may imply a certain quality of CBD without specifying that the concentration of CBD oil is low or that their products are made of CBD isolate instead of broad-spectrum CBD. Some companies even bill their product as CBD when it actually contains hemp products that aren’t CBD, such as seed oil. These products can be billed just as high as, if not higher than, quality CBD products.

Hopefully, as time goes on and CBD becomes more widely used, some of the factors that make CBD products so expensive will be resolved. Until then, you can enjoy the CBD products for sale at Cannariver, which have all the quality of higher-priced CBD products without the jaw-dropping cost!